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Parcelcube versus Cubiscan

Parcelcube and Cubiscan are the two leaders in the dimensioning system market. But which system should you get? Here we try to go through what details you should look at when choosing your new dimensioning system. We also compare two products from each company. Things that matter in dimensional scanning When choosing a dimensioning system there [...]

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Dimensional volumetric weight scale

Introducing Parcelcube: the affordable Finnish dimensional weight scale that is transforming the field of logistics The Finnish company, Dimwei Group Oy Ltd, has recently introduced a reliable and user-friendly static dimensional weight scale ( volumetric scale) called Parcelcube to the market. The system can automatically capture the ID, dimension and weight of virtually any product [...]

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Testimonial Hasbro; “Parcelcube cost effective solution to our needs”..

This client Hasbro Ltd is one of the largest toy manufacturers globally, they had experience with Cubiscan CS100 dimensioning system and were looking for a reasonably priced, high-quality dimensioning alternative for their inbound warehouse operations in UK Newport. -

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Streamline receiving & shipping check out the new video

Stop struggling by manually measuring and manually entering data! Companies are in many cases struggling with manually collecting master data ( weight, ID, and dimensions) in the inbound process without knowing that is easy to integrate into your ERP / WMS system and priced slightly above a high-quality scale! -

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Outbound logistics | Parcel shipping

In today`s global market where speed and price are key factors, it is important that no time is wasted during the shipping (outbound) process. Most companies have great shipping software, but due to former price levels of cube and weigh scales (dimensioning systems), most companies still waste time weighing, measuring and entering data manually. -

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Streamline inbound logistics operations

The receiving operation (inbound logistics) is a time-consuming process, especially in e-commerce, 3PL, and wholesale businesses with a constant stream of new items that need to be measured accurately and efficiently and registered. -

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