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Cubing, dimensioning system

Automated dimensioning affordably!

Parcelcube is the dimensioning system that inbound (receiving) and outbound logistics (shipping) and POS desk have been missing, priced right, with a 5-minute set up and user-friendly PC interface even a 5-year old can use!

How does it work?

Simply place the product or shipment on the scale, press “ENT” or read barcode to capture the dimensions and weight, data captured in less than 1 second, accurately and efficiently.

Why Parcelcube?

  • Boost productivity x 10 times
  • Reduce costly manual data entry and errors
  • Click clicks to capture and transfer data
  • Rent or buy – priced right, even for small warehouses
  • Reliable, high-quality engineering – produced in Finland

Simple as that

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