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Our mission is to produce user-friendly, reasonably priced dimensioning systems, combined with proactive sales and support.

We have worked with dimensional weighing, dimensioning and cubing systems since 2009. We realized that there was a great demand for cubing and dimensioning systems, but almost no-one could afford them. We decided it was time for a change, therefore we created Parcelcube™ in 2012.

We are an innovative engineering company and manufacturer of dimensioning systems for logistics supply chains, our products are produced in Finland.  We have a global partner network of 18 importers located in Asia, Africa, Australia, Europe, Latin America and North America.

Our passion is proactive flexible services combined with reasonably priced, user-friendly dimensioning systems that generate increased revenue, control and productivity to our customers logistical processes.

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USA & Canada: +1 309 698 1500

USA & America: +1 240 624 0001
Scandinavia: +358 10 421 4141

United Kingdom: +44 1772 621123

Australia: +612 9426 1800

E-mail: contact@parcelcube.com
Technical support 24/7: support@parcelcube.com