Dimensional volumetric weight scale

//Dimensional volumetric weight scale

Dimensional volumetric weight scale

Introducing Parcelcube: the affordable Finnish dimensional weight scale that is transforming the field of logistics

The Finnish company, Dimwei Group Oy Ltd, has recently introduced a reliable and user-friendly static dimensional weight scale ( volumetric scale) called Parcelcube to the market. The system can automatically capture the ID, dimension and weight of virtually any product or parcel. Incredibly, the cost of this dimensional weight (dimensioning) system is almost 70 % lower than the solutions offered by competitors. Thanks to such reasonable pricing, even small and middle-sized companies are now able to take their inbound and outbound logistics to new heights. Use of the system also improves delivery accuracy and reduces freight costs.


The Parcelcube dimensional (volumetric) scale and dimensioning system promptly identifies, measures and weighs virtually any product or package put on the scale. From the barcode, the data is transferred via a PC interface to the user’s WMS or ERP system. Parcelcube uses the same technology as used in the market leader’s corresponding systems. Parcelcube dimensional weighing system is just as effective as other comparable systems on the market, but at only a third of the cost.


– The root of the problem has always been the high prices of dimensional weighing systems. Previously, companies simply could not afford these efficiency improving systems for their inbound and outbound logistics. This is why we have invested in user friendliness at an affordable price, says the representant from Parcelcube.

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The American company Hasbro is the world’s second largest toy manufacturer with branches all over the globe. Hasbro Ltd UK uses Parcelcube in their inbound logistics to capture product data (dimensions and weights).

– I am very happy with both the system and the customer service offered with this purchase. The new Parcelcube dimensional weighing system has proved to be a cost effective solution to our needs and plays an integral part of our daily inbound processes, comments Chris Keen, Warehouse Operations Manager.


Efficiency and savings for the logistics

This innovation is especially useful for 3PL:s (third party logistics), wholesale and online businesses, distribution centres and dispatch functions. Within these areas, companies deal with steady flows of new products, whose product data is rarely precise. However, once exact product data becomes available, it is possible to use the right size packaging, which significantly reduces packaging costs and transportation charges. Besides being a considerable expense, over-sized boxes are also bad for the company image and customer satisfaction.


The Parcelcube dimensional ( volumetric ) weighing scale also helps with quality assurance in the dispatch phase. As weighing accuracy is five grams, it is possible to ensure that the weights tally with the list of collection.

Parcelcube in brief

Dimwei Group Oy Ltd manufactures dimensioning systems for the logistics business under the brand name Parcelcube. Its products are manufactured in Finland. The company has a global partner network of 18 importers located in Asia, Africa, Australia, Europe, Latin America and North America.

Dimensional weight and volumetric weight

Dimensional weight, also known as volumetric weight, is a pricing technique for commercial freight transport (including courier and postal services), which uses an estimated weight that is calculated from the length, width and height of a package. ( Source Wikipedia )


Additional information:

Dimwei Group Oy Ltd

E-mail:                              contact@parcelcube.com

Company web site:      www.parcelcube.com

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