How to install Parcelcube software in less than 2 minutes.

This video presents how to install the software in less than two minutes; the download link to Parcelcube software is included in the manual ( download manual HERE).

Parcelcube is more than affordable pricing; it is about the user experience and doing things simply, yet efficiently, which keeps your operators motivated and makes your warehouse ( shipping/receiving ) operations more accurate, transparent, and efficient.

Here are some of the features we’ve added to the latest software update:

COPY 3RD PARTY: No IT integration required to transfer data to 3rd party software!

Choose data output order in the configuration. Once you’ve registered a shipment/product with “ENT”, press F9 to transfer the data to ANY 3rd party shipping (or WMS, ERP) software. The integration is done for free by the operator!

BATCH: If you are doing a batch and want to avoid re-typing data into the “user value”, simply unmark the selected user value in the configuration!

AUTO-CALIBRATE: We’ve included a calibration cube in the product delivery. On a daily basis, choose the “auto-calibration” feature and follow the instructions. Using the weight and cube automatically calibrates the scale.

No expensive on-site calibration required!

More detailed information is available in the user manual here >

If you need tips or guidance, please contact

More tips and videos of how to improve your warehouse operations ( shipping / receiving) will be released soon; stay tuned!

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