No data from Indicator / microcontroller to software2020-11-09T11:29:58+02:00
Solution: check drivers and configuration in PC (according to the manual)
Solution: replace indicator including housing and all internal PCBs (order replacement ones)
Weight data not displayed in software2020-11-09T11:30:04+02:00
Solution: configure software client correctly (according to the manual)
Solution: replace indicator including housing and all internal PCBs (order replacement ones)
Wrong weight is shown in indicator and in software, alternative unstable weight2020-11-09T11:30:11+02:00
Solution: make sure there are no cables are snagged in between chassis components of the Parcelcube. Make sure you have no items touching the Parcelcube or the Parcelcube itself is pressing against a wall or other object
Solution: one or more loadcells are broken (order replacement ones)
Solution: indicator is in need of calibration (calibrate according to manual)
Scale dimension data is incorrect2020-11-09T11:30:37+02:00
Solution: send to Parcelcube support pictures what you try to measure, the items you try to measure is hard to detect for Parcelcube. They might be round, plastic bags or non-boxed items like a shampoo bottle. Advice is to use the metal brackets that are included, still there are limitations.
Empty scale shows a random dimension on any of the axis, most commonly x or y2020-11-09T11:30:48+02:00
Solution: Items placed too close to the Parcelcube need to be moved
Solution: Parcelcube cannot be placed next to a brick wall or alike.
Solution: side walls are bent out of shape or extremely dirty / filled with tape residue or alike. Clean it up.
Solution: older Parcelcube without their red sensor glasses, should be cover up sensor in same way the red glasses do via tape or red sensor glasses.
Solution: If not working send environmental pictures to Parcelcube support.
Empty scale shows small dimensions say normally less then 1cm on x y z2020-11-09T11:31:05+02:00
Solution: this is normal, there are echoes in the corner of the scale when it is totally empty. This is why Parcelcube has a limit on minimum size of measurable items.

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