Ways to use our dimensioning software

Our proprietary dimensioning software is required for our Parcelcube dimensioning system to work as intended. It is supplied free of charge with the Parcelcube hardware and is easy to install and use.

There are basically three different ways to use our dimensioning software:

  • The first and most straightforward way to use it is to save all regisered data locally on the computer. The data in the CSV or Excel file can later be processed in any way you want. The dowside with this is that some kind of manual work, like copy-pasting will be required for you to be able to use the data in the future and that also introduces the possibility of human errors.
  • The second and most common way to use our dimensioning system is to integrate it with your warehouse management system or enterprise resource planning system. The Parcelcube software is extremely easy to set up and configure. You will be pushing and pulling data between the dimensioning software and your WMS-system in a matter of minutes. Having 7 user defined fields available in the user interface gives you the possibility to add all the information you need for a product at the same time which eliminates the need to switch between softwares or add some data at a later time.
  • The third and somewhat niched way to use the Parcelcube software is to copy and paste data to a third party service directly after scanning. For example if you run a small webshop and would like to register the weight and dimensions of a parcel in a web based service provided by your shipping company, you can use our software to speed up the process. The ability to configure what fields to select using different button combinations might sound like a simple feature, but sometimes simplicity is just what you need.

What you can do with our dimensioning software

Whenever you want to scan a physical object you do that using the Parcelcube software. There are however also several other features included in the software like the ability to connect a camera to the system that will automatically take a picture of the object being scanned.

Another nice feature is item stacking. For example if you need to scan very small or thin objects you can get the best result if you stack a known number of objects on the scanner. The software will then calculate the weight and dimensions of one object. 

The dimensioning software in daily use

The biggest benefit of our software is how easy it is to use. The user interface is very straghtforward and most features are understood just by looking at them.

When a new dimensioning system is taken into use it can be installed and integrated by the end user. Most of the time however we sell a online guide and integration package as part of the deal when you buy a new system, that way the customer can be certain to have a working unit and an employee trained to use it by the end of the day.

The software and dimensioning system does not need to be calibrated at any regular interval, but a good habit is of course to always check that everything seems to be right by placing the supplied calibration cube on the system at the start of each workday, or at least if there is any reason to doubt the performance.

Our software is completely free of charge.