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Do you require technical assistance or support? Please fill in our service request form and our technical support will contact you as soon as possible, 9am-9pm (GMT+2) normally within 30 minutes.

Please fill in the all the details requested, it will speed up the service process as our technician can prepare with technical documentation related to your unit and product.

Starting fee for service and support 69€ excl. VAT, hourly rate 85€ excl VAT. By submitting your request you approve existing pricing terms and conditions for service and support of the Parcelcube product.

Phone support

Parcelcube technical support
Standard support hours: 9am-9pm GMT+2 Helsinki

NOTE! Please fill in service request form before you call us as we need to track service and support requests, thank you.

E-mail: service(a)
24/7 Switchboard: +44 208 8175 264