Parcelcube 900 collecting accurate master data by measuring and weighing items in a warehouse

Precise measurement technology benefits

There are several benefits of using precise measurement technology for businesses:

Increased accuracy

Parcelcube PC series is ultrasonic based while Parcelcube Vision uses 3D imaging technology to measure parcels with a high degree of accuracy. Businesses get precise measurements of the dimensions and weight of their parcels, which can help optimize shipping costs and reduce the risk of costly errors.


Time savings

Parcelcube can measure a parcel’s dimensions and weight in a raction of a second. This saves businesses time and reduces the amount of manual labor required for measuring parcels. In addition, Parcelcube’s ability to measure multiple parcels at once further saves time, as businesses can measure and weigh several parcels simultaneously. This makes it a valuable tool for businesses with high shipping volumes or those that need to process parcels quickly to meet tight deadlines.


Cost savings

By accurately measuring the dimensions and weight of parcels, businesses can optimize their shipping costs and avoid overpaying for shipping. Parcelcube can help businesses identify opportunities to reduce shipping costs by identifying inefficient packaging practices or under-utilized shipping containers. Parcelcube’s automated measurement process can save businesses time and reduce the amount of manual labor required to measure parcels. This can lead to lower labor costs and increased productivity.


Improved efficiency

With Parcelcube, businesses can automate the process of measuring parcels, which can increase efficiency and reduce the risk of errors. This can help businesses streamline their shipping operations and improve overall productivity.



Parcelcube can be used as a standalone device or integrated with existing warehouse management systems, shipping software, and other logistics tools. This makes it easy for businesses to incorporate Parcelcube into their existing workflows and processes. Parcelcube’s versatility makes it a valuable tool for businesses in a wide range of industries and applications – E-commerce, warehousing, shipping and logistics, freight forwarding, retail etc.



Parcelcube is a compact and lightweight device that is easy to move around and use in different locations. This makes it a versatile solution for businesses of all sizes.


Overall, Parcelcube offers businesses an accurate, efficient, and cost-effective way to measure parcels. By using Parcelcube precise measurement technology, businesses can save time, reduce costs, and improve their overall shipping operations.