Streamline inbound logistics operations

Inbound logistics (receiving and inventory) easily collect weight, id and dimensions from new products – endless opportunities with Parcelcube

The receiving operation (inbound logistics) is a time-consuming process, especially in e-commerce, 3PL, and wholesale businesses with a constant stream of new items that need to be measured accurately and efficiently and registered.

Parcelcube not only boosts productivity and saves time, it is also a valuable tool to optimise your inbound logistic processes, here are some examples:

Accurate master data (dimensions and weight data) = endless opportunities to save money and boost productivity.

Storage location: Pick and select the optimum storage location for each item; picking is based on quantity, size and the optimum shelf space.

Packing: Tremendous waste results from packing in over-sized cartons. Accurate data allows the selection of smaller (cheaper) boxes, which saves on filler material and shipping costs. If you pay a flat rate, shippers are still rewarded for higher density (kg/m3).

Picking: Orders can be picked and packed at the same time as you know the total volume of the order.

Select cartons automatically: The data can be used to automate carton selection based on accurate dimensional data.

Slotting: A WMS system with accurate dimensions and weight can be configured to arrange products in the right order for order fulfilment.

Quality control: Once you have accurate data, the operator can check the total weight on order and compare it to the packing weight once the order is collected.

Shipping: 44% of online customers abandon their carts due to high shipping costs. Accurate product data allows for picking the smallest possible (cheapest) carton, and the smaller size also means lower shipping costs. If you pay a flat rate, the shippers still reward customers with higher shipment density (kg/m3), and accurate shipping volume is the best tool to negotiate the best annual shipping contract.

American Sportswear  managed to streamline their inbound logistics and inventory of +100 000 SKUs

Streamline your inbound logistics and inventory process, contact us for more information.


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