LinkedIn live with Leif Gripner (CTO of Parcelcube) and Christer Härkonen (CEO of Parcelcube)

LinkedIn Live session: How to optimize the shipping costs with the help of Parcelcube?

In this LinkedIn informative session, you’ll discover how using multi-dimensional measurement device (MDMD) technology to measure the dimensions and weight of your parcels, goods and how measurement accuracy can significantly reduce your shipping costs and maximize warehouse capacity.

Leif Gripner (CTO of Parcelcube) and Christer Härkonen (CEO of Parcelcube) will cover the following topics:

  • The importance of accurate measurements for shipping cost calculation and storage optimization.
  • An overview of Parcelcube’s MDMD models and their applications.
  • Real-world case studies demonstrating the benefits of MDMD.

Understanding the importance of accurate measurements

Accurate measurement of your inventory and shipped items is crucial for several reasons:

  1. Shipping costs calculation: Carriers determine shipping costs based on the weight and size of packages. Inaccurate measurements can lead to unexpected charges.
  2. Dimensional weight pricing: Shipping air is costly. Many carriers use dimensional weight (DIM weight) pricing, which considers both the size and weight of a package. Misestimating dimensions can result in paying more than necessary.
  3. Storage optimization: Knowing the exact dimensions and weight of your inventory helps optimize warehouse space, reducing storage costs and improving inventory management.
  4. Automated box selections: Knowing the exact dimensions and weight of your inventory opens up new optimization ways such as computer and software aided volume and packing calculations.

The technology behind MDMD

Modern static MDMDs come in various forms and with various technologies. Parcelcube supplies three different models:

Benefits of Using MDMD

  1. Cost savings:
    • Avoid overpaying for shipping: Accurate measurements ensure you are not overpaying for shipping due to incorrect DIM weight calculations. This is especially important for businesses shipping large volumes of goods.
    • Optimize packaging: By knowing the exact size of your items, you can select the most cost-effective packaging, reducing the overall shipping cost.
  2. Efficiency and accuracy:
    • Speed: Measurement devices streamline the packing process, allowing employees to measure dimensions and weight quickly and accurately.
    • Reduced errors: Automated measurement reduces the risk of human error, ensuring consistent and accurate data entry.
  3. Better carrier negotiations:
    • Data-driven decisions: With precise measurement data, you can negotiate better rates with carriers based on actual shipping needs.
    • Avoid penalties: Accurate dimensions and weights help avoid penalties for incorrect information, which can add up over time.
  4. Improved inventory management:
    • Space utilization: Knowing the exact size and weight of inventory helps optimize storage space, leading to cost savings in warehousing.
    • Efficient picking and packing: Accurate measurements assist in efficient picking and packing processes, ensuring that items fit perfectly in packaging and are not damaged during transit.

Implementation tips:

  1. Choose the right device: Select a device that fits your specific needs—consider factors like the type of products, volume of shipments, and ROI.
  2. Choose the right workflow: How do you want to work? Offline or online with your WMS?
  3. Training: Ensure your staff is properly trained to use the devices efficiently. PC 900 and 1000 are easy to use, while Vision requires a bit more care.
  4. Integration: Integrate measurement data with your software to automate and streamline the shipping process or to build your master data.


By using devices to measure the dimensions and weight of your inventory and shipped items, you can significantly reduce shipping costs, enhance operational efficiency, and improve inventory management. Investing in accurate measurement tools is a strategic decision that can lead to substantial savings and a more streamlined logistics process.